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Backpacking is perhaps the best way to experience nature and the outdoors in an incredibly intimate and immersive way. The opportunity to fully escape the urban landscape and vices of the modern world is enjoyed by millions each year all over the world, anywhere from the meadows, trees, and peaks of Yosemite National Park, to the winding paths and snowy ascents of the Himalayas in Nepal.

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Choosing The Right Backpacking Tent

Out of all the gear you generally bring along on a backpacking trip, the tent is considered to be among the most important. Backpacking tents provide a transportable way to […]

Choosing The Right Backpacking Hammock

If you think hammocks are only for lounging on porches or in backyards, think again. A backpacking hammock can be a more than viable alternative to a tent, or as […]

What You Should Know About Backpacking Backpacks

As the name suggests, when it comes to backpacking, the backpack itself is at the core. Backpacks are what you use to store and transport all of your gear with […]


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boy woods

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Backpacking backpacks are the core of your gear selection when undertaking a multi-day journey into the wilderness. The backpack is your lifeline, helping you carry all of your essential items from point to point along the way. This makes choosing the right pack all the more important.

Pooring Water in Cup

Winterial Backpacking Cookware Set

Bringing cookware along on a backpacking trip can give you a good added measure of convenience and functionality, but it can also mean increasing your load while sacrificing the space in your backpack. While it may be nice to have a few options for cooking your food, it’s not always worth it.

Harmony House Foods Soup in Plate

Harmony House Foods The Backpacking Kit

Backpacking food is one of the more ambiguous items you can bring on your trips. Technically, you are free to bring along whatever food supply you’d like, but there are obviously a number of things that should be considered.

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