Adventure Gear Outfitter Backpacking Hammock

Adventure Gear Backpacking Hammock with Mosquito Net

Hammocks are one of the most versatile and utilized gear items you can possibly fit into your backpack for a trip into the wilderness. They provide you with a place to sleep, relax, and in this case, a place to seek shelter from annoying pests such as mosquitos.

If you’re a hammock enthusiast, you know this all too well. You can have your hammock set up just right, with a perfect view of the stars, just the right angle, and just the right height, when suddenly, you are swarmed by an unending barrage of mosquitos, or really any other bothersome insect.

Sometimes bug spray can only go so far, and it’s not like you really want to hose yourself down in DEET for the third time that day. Auxiliary mosquito nets provide a more practical solution to this problem, but they can be rather clumsy to use, especially with a hammock.

Adventure Gear Hammock with Mosquito Net Hanging Between Trees

Fortunately, companies such as Adventure Gear Outfitter have taken it upon themselves to combine these two things into one, resulting in the appropriately-named Adventure Gear Outfitter Backpacking Hammock with Mosquito Net.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to lounge in comfort on the trail and off, this hammock has got you covered.

Features & Benefits

The Adventure Gear Outfitter Backpacking Hammock with Mosquito Net is simple in its design, with extra attention to the areas that matter most.


If you’re apprehensive about backpacking with this hammock, don’t be. The entire setup, including all of the geat it comes with, only adds up to 1.7 lbs. Your backpack will barely notice. That’s not to say it’s not strong, however. This hammock can accommodate occupants up to 400 lbs, thanks to a 210 ripstop nylon body with triple stitching.

Adventure Gear Backpacking Hammock in Bag

All-In-One Bundle

Some hammocks include only the hammock itself, leaving you to acquire all the other items needed to actually hang it. Adventure Gear Outfitter decided to include tree straps, carabiners, a stuff sack, and net suspension. It’s basically the hammock version of plug-and-play. For just under $40, that’s a steal.


Hey, you don't have to use the mosquito net if you don’t want to. If you’re in the clear, simply set up the hammock upside down and you should be good to go.

Unique Advantages

Elastic Net

Some mosquito nets, whether included or not, tend to be a bit fragile and tear easily. This is due to a lack of elasticity, first and foremost. The mosquito net with this hammock includes elastic, giving you much more leeway when inside, and without the worry of accidentally tearing the net just because you moved your arm over too quickly.

Attached Stuff Sack

It’s fairly easy to lose track of all the stuff sacks that accompany your backpacking gear. No worries with this one, it’s literally attached to the hammock.

Backpacking Hammock Mosquito Net

Potential Disadvantages

Short Straps

The included tree straps are certainly a nice touch, but the size of the straps leaves a lot to be desired. If you are backpacking in an area with girthy trees, you might need to upgrade your straps before heading out. You wouldn't want to bring a hammock along that you can’t use, after all.

Single Occupant Only

If you’re wanting to share the hammock with a pal, you’re out of luck. This hammock is a single occupant version, and there are no double occupations ones available.


The Adventure Gear Outfitter Backpacking Hammock with Mosquito Net does what it’s supposed to do. Again, for the price, it’s very hard to beat. Although the single occupant situation can be a bummer, it doesn’t detract from the fact that this hammock is full of features and functionality that rivals other models twice its price.

Hanging Adventure Gear Backpacking Hammock with Mosquito Net

Our Rating

Gold 4.4 Stars Rating

Hammock enthusiast with varying experience levels will all appreciate this product.

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