Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent in Forest

Whether you’re car camping or backpacking for a few nights in the wilderness, a quality tent can make life a lot easier, especially if conditions aren’t ideal. Adequate ventilation, protection from wind and rain, and a few strategic features are a few of the main factors that go into ensuring that a tent is worthy of using.

Coleman has long been a trusted name in manufacturing high-level, dependable outdoor gear, and this Sundome tent is a shining example as to why that is. It has many of the qualities and features you look for in a versatile, multi-use tent -- and even has room for a companion.

Features & Benefits

The Sundome isn’t flashy, but it certainly provides users with some helpful benefits that can help ensure a great outdoor experience regardless of climate and weather conditions.

Night Camping with Sundome Tent

High Resistance to Rain

Coleman makes it a point to put all of their tents through a rigorous rain test, dumping over 35 gallons of water for 10 minutes, and checking for any moisture afterwards. If there is more than 3 tablespoon of water measured inside, the tent fails the test.

The Sundome has been put through this test, so you know it can hold up. The tent’s polyethylene floors are shaped bathtub-style, meaning the sidewalls curve up. Welded seams are used for a better seal as well. This is not only helpful during a rainstorm, it helps resist groundwater as well.

Extra Ventilation

Ventilation in a tent is not only just for keeping it cooler in the warmer months, but for preventing condensation as well. The Sundome makes great use of ventilation on several parts of the tent, including the ceiling. This helps keep you both comfortable and dry.

Tent Ventilation

An included rainfly can be placed over the dome of the tent, while still allowing enough space in between the roof and rainfly for air circulation.

Unique Advantages

Fast Setup

Like all Coleman tents, the Sundome can set up in as little as 5-10 minutes thanks to its strategic design. The instructions are printed on the tent’s bag just in case you need them on the go.

2 Windows

The Sundome has two large windows, which includes a hooded rear window. This not only creates better air circulation, it can also give you some great views at night when the weather is cooperative.

Electrical Access Port

Coleman included a zip-up electrical access port in the tent’s body for those that prefer to bring along some gadgets, or recharge their phones and computers when power is available. Simply unzip and run your extension cord inside.

Inside Look of Coleman Sudnome 2 Person Tent

Potential Disadvantages


Coming in at around 7 lbs, the Sundome isn’t heavy by car camping standards, but backpackers might be turned off by the extra weight it presents in their packs.

Fragile Tent Pole Cords

There have been a few complaints of the cords inside the tent poles failing after long term storage, especially in below-freezing conditions. While this can be annoying in the moment, the poles are still usable. You may want to invest in some backup poles, or a repair kit just in case.


The Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent is a very quality tent option, especially for around $50. You have plenty of room inside, lots of ventilation, and the assurance that comes from knowing your tent can withstand both rain and high winds. It’s spacious, provides some excellent views when inside, and sets up in a flash.

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent on White Background

Our Rating

Gold 4.5 Stars Rating

Although it may be on the heavy side in regards to backpacking use, it is still an acceptable option. Car campers won’t have any complaints with the Sundome however, and would be wise to put it at the top of their list. .

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