Gonex Military Molle Travel Backpack

Gonex Military Molle Travel Backpack on White Background

Backpacking innovation and technology have come along way over the years, leading to more than a few new ideas and systems for gear. While plenty of attention goes to some of the smaller backpacking gear items such as boots, stoves, and sleeping bags, sometimes the backpack itself gets left behind.

MOLLE, or Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, is backpacking system that emphasizes strategically using every bit of space on the backpack itself, allowing you to carry more gear, and more convenient ways.

Gonex Military Molle Travel Backpack Features

This system is now a regular part of many armed services backpacks, and for good reason. The Gonex Military Molle Travel Backpack makes use of this same system, offering it in a civilian format. The result is a rugged, versatile backpack that that has numerous helpful features designed to make your trek just a little easier.

Features & Benefits

The Gonex Military Molle Travel Backpack is made from durable material, and makes good use of expanded adjustability and strategic storage placements.

Durable Material

This 70L backpack is made from water-resistant and scratch-resistant 900D oxford material. Not only can it take a beating, it will keep your gear dry when the weather takes a turn. Need even more protection? Simply pull out the internal rainfly located on the bottom.

Gonex Military Molle Travel Backpack on White Background

Molle System

The Gonex Military Molle Travel Backpack certainly doesn’t waste any space. With multiple pockets, a separate waterproof compartment on the bottom, and plenty of loops, you can get creative with your storage, easily accommodating items that ordinary backpacks may not.

Potential Disadvantages

Small Sleeping Bag Compartment

Gonex had the right idea by including an internal sleeping bag compartment, it’s just that this particular compartment isn’t able to hold anything but the smallest sleeping bags. If you have anything larger, be prepared to give it a fight.

No Water Bladder Storage

More and more backpacks are including a built-in water bladder storage to help streamline and extra gear. For whatever reason, Gonex left that out.

Gonex Military Backpack Rainfly

Unique Advantages

Waist Belt Pockets

Now this is a genius idea. Pockets on the outside of your waist belt that you can access once the belt is buckled in the front. We found them perfect for storing snacks, GPS, phones, small knife, and really just about anything that will fit.

3 Height Adjustable

The torso of the Gonex Military Molle Travel Backpack is adjustable to three different sizes, which is a must if you want a backpack to be able to adapt to its user in a safe and comfortable way.

Gonex Military Backpack Three Adjustable Sizes

Our Rating

Gold 4.6 Stars Rating


The Gonex Military Molle Travel Backpack has got a lot going for it. The large 70L capacity, MOLLE system, and multiple adjustment points do much to make up for the few things it’s lacking. Still, some may be turned off by the the water bladder and compartment issues. If that doesn’t bother you, and if you’d really like a camouflage backpack, the Gonex Military Molle Travel Backpack will suit you just fine.

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