Katadyn Vario Water Filter Review

Katadyn Vario Water Filter Review

If you like to get out into the great outdoors from time to time, or often spend your entire weekend hiking or camping, you’ve probably looked long and hard for a solution that provides you with clean and ample drinking water.

Sure, you could carry along supplies or rely on water stations along the way, but ultimately this is an unreliable way to hike.

The hiker or camper who spends a lot of their time outdoors needs something reliable that they can take with them on every trip and something that won’t use up a lot of their energy or time to operate.

However, most portable filters can take hours just to get something decent to drink and there’s usually only enough for one.

The Katadyn Vario Water Filter is the product that addresses all of these issues, providing users with an easy way to pump water and a triple filtration system to give them peace of mind and the taste that what they’re drinking is clean and pure.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the purest water possible on your adventure, but it can make enough for your friends and family too.

Hiker with katadyn wario water filter

About The Product

Katadyn has been behind some of the most innovative and exciting products loved by hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts for years. They build items and accessories that can make the great outdoors safer and more enjoyable than ever before, all with little effort from the hiker.

Their water filters, in particular, are hot commodities, with everything covered to make the outdoors type happy.

The Katadyn Vario Water Filter is a bigger scale filter that can suit either the solo traveler or a large group, thanks to its amazing output. This water filter can travel with you easily in your backpack to be used when you need it most, filtering out the nasties that might be lurking in the water supplies you find.

When you purchase the Katadyn Vario Water Filter you’re getting the solid reputation of this outdoors brand, along with:

  • Dual pumping modes available;
  • Ability to produce up to two quarts of water per minute so there’s enough for friends and family;
  • ​Glass fiber filter;
  • Activated carbon to reduce chemicals in water and remove foul odors;
  • Ceramic pre-filter and pleated glass filter for different conditions;

If you’ve tried smaller portable water filters and found that they just can’t give you the clean water that you require on this larger scale, you can’t go wrong with the Katadyn Vario Water Filter.

Katadyn vario water filter

This is easy to use, even easier to carry and will give you the water output you need after a long day of exploring. With three levels of filtration, there’ll be no doubt in your mind that you’re drinking the clearest water available thanks to this amazing invention.

Pros And Cons

Most of the reviews with something negative to say about this product come from original fans of Katadyn who had purchased some of their smaller water filtration systems previously.

They weren’t happy with the bulk of this when compared to the other products they’d made, and warned buyers that these were more suited for the campers and hikers who didn’t need to travel light and stay on their toes constantly.

Katadyn vario water filter

The best selling point of this water filter has to be its output, with the ability to get out two quarts per minute it’s far more effective than others on the market.

This makes it perfect for groups who might be camping or someone who doesn’t want to put a lot of manual effort into getting clean water when they’re exploring outdoors.

Another great thing about the Katadyn Vario Water Filter is the fact that it uses three filter levels so you know that you’re getting the best quality.

The active charcoal was particularly handy for removing odors in the water that might put you off from drinking it, so this was a nice touch that other portable filtration systems didn’t have.

Where To Buy

When you’re ready to ditch your small scale water filter and purchase something that requires less effort but for more water output, you can pick up a great deal of the Katadyn Vario Water Filter with Amazon. Currently, this filter is available for just over $70 which is an amazing deal considering just how much use you’ll get out of it.

Not only can you get the Katadyn Vario for this low price, but that also includes free shipping from Amazon so you’ll be able to take it along on your next camping trip. If you want the added security of backup filters and cartridges, you can also purchase these on Amazon to keep handy just in case the need ever arises.

The Katadyn Vario comes with a one-year warranty, so if you do experience any issues you can return it for an immediate replacement. This gives you peace of mind that you’re purchasing a quality product, and for the low price listed you’re getting great value for someone who gets outdoors frequently.

Final Verdict

Although there are plenty of portable water filtration systems now available for the outdoors enthusiast, the Katadyn Vario Water Filter has to be your top pick.

Single black katadyn vario water filter

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Our Rating

4.5 Star Rating

This amazing invention can give you an astounding amount of water for little to no effort, so you can spend your time and energy enjoying the great outdoors.

If you’re ready to have clear and crisp tasting water free from nasty chemicals and pollutants, the choice has to be Katadyn Varion. To get this portable water filter for yourself and keep all of your camping buddies hydrated, click here to purchase.

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