Kelty Noah’s Tarp Shelter

Kelty Noahs Tarp Shelter Assembled

Backpacking tarps are one of the most versatile and useful backpacking gear items you can have on you. With proper knowledge and wisdom, one can rig anything from a simple overhead shelter to take a break nder, to a quick and simple tent alternative.

The uses don’t stop there. You can rig them above a hammock, use one to cover your gear, or simply set one up to block wind from entering your tent or cooking area.

Although the uses are many for a camping tarp, not just any will do. A proper tarp should have plenty of guylines, grommets, water resistance, and of course durability. Find a tarp with all of these characteristics, and you have yourself a trusty gear item that you won’t want to ever be without.

Two Mens Covered Tents with Kelty Tarp

Kelty is a long-recognized name in dependable and durable outdoor gear, and the Noah’s Tarp Shelter is a great example as to why. .

Features & Benefits


Depending on the size you opt for, this tarp can weigh anywhere from 1 to 3 lbs. This makes it incredibly easy to carry in your backpack, or simply just hand it on the outside using a clip. Whatever size or storage method, you’ll barely notice it's there.


Noah’s Tarp Shelter is not only lightweight, but very compact as well. It includes its own bag, eliminating the need for an extra compression sack.

Kelty Noahs Tarps Bag

Very Water Resistant

Kelty kind of sells themselves short in the way they describe the tarp as merely “water-resistant polyester.” This tarp is great for seeking shelter and protection from rain, deflecting even the heaviest of downpours thanks to taped seams on the ends.


The wide array of adjustable guylines and grommets gives you plenty of options for how you’d like to set the tarp up. This makes it suitable for everything from camping and backpacking, to outdoor concerts and beach use.

Unique Advantages

Includes Stakes And Ropes

The Noah’s Tarp Shelter comes fully equipped with its own stakes and ropes that give you a fast setup without the need for additional products. This only adds to its versatility, and it's always nice to receive a larger backpacking gear item that doesn’t require you to go out and purchase extra items just to use it.

Kelty Noahs Tarp Bag And Additional Gear

Potential Disadvantages

  • No Poles - Noah’s Tarp Shelter doesn’t include any poles at all. This may not be a problem for some but if you are using the tarp for non-backpacking or camping situations, or if you are in an area that lacks trees and branches, be sure to purchase some poles before you head out. Either that or simply use your trekking poles.


This tarp is simple enough for novice and casual users, but durable and versatile enough for expert outdoors types to easily rig it up in a million different ways. The high water resistance and included hardware are big bonuses, as is the lightweight and small travel size.

Kelty Noahs Tarp Shelter on White Background

Our Rating

Gold 4.6 Stars Rating

If you’re looking for a dependable tarp that can help you in countless ways on the trail, Noah’s Tarp Shelter has you covered.

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