ONWEGO Ultralight Camping And Outdoor Chair

Young Woman Sitting in Sitting in ONWEGO Camping Chair

A portable chair might seem like the last thing you’d want to bring with you on a backpacking trip, but you’d be surprised. Yes, many backpackers bring hammocks along, but they can take awhile to set up, and you aren’t always guaranteed that you’ll have the surroundings to do so in the first place.

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a chair that you can set up in just a minute or two, giving you a way to take a load off for a few minutes during a break in your trek, or as a way to lounge around in the evening after you and your party have set up camp. Whichever reason, it sure beats sitting on the ground.

Woman Holding ONWEGO Camping Chair in Bag

Camping chairs aren’t always the most portable or lightest gear to haul around, but that’s not the case with the ONWEGO Ultralight Camping and Outdoor Chair. This chair was made with backpacking in mind, giving you a portable chair that’s actually, well, portable.

Features & Benefits

This chair truly has all of the factors that you’d for a trustworthy backpacking companion.


This is likely the most important characteristic if you’re going to consider bringing a chair along on a backpacking trip. Manufactured from nylon and aluminum, this chair weighs only 2 lbs, putting in on par with most backpacking hammocks, sleeping bags, and tents.

Woman Holding ONWEGO Lighweight Chair

Compacts to Small Travel Size

This is definitely a full-sized chair as opposed to some of the dinkier, flimsy, stool-like camping chairs out there, but it’s still able to collapse down to a reasonable size -- 14.25” x 5.25” to be exact. Probably not small enough to fit in your backpack, but small enough to go on the outside.


This chair goes a different route from many of the L-shaped, rigid, right-angle chairs, opting for an ergonomic design that cradles your body. Much more preferred.

Potential Disadvantages

Low Back Height

This can be a little annoying for some. The back height isn’t as tall as it could be, so if you’re of the taller species, you may find yourself having to sink down into the chair so as to not fall backwards.

ONWEGO Camping Chair Lash Points

A Little Unstable

This thing is light, so it’s not the most stable chair in the world. Flat, even ground is obviously recommended, and maybe even required at times.

Unique Advantages

Lash Points

Now this was a good idea. ONWEGO realized that most backpackers aren’t going to want to stuff this thing into their pack, so they included lash points on the chair’s bag for easy attaching to the outside of your pack. Well done.

Everyday Use

One of the drawbacks of backpacking gear is that you can rarely use it for anything else. The ONWEGO Ultralight Camping and Outdoor Chair is great for anywhere you might need a chair. The beach, a concert, a holiday outing, the backyard -- wherever. It’s small size and light weight make it just as easy to use anywhere else.

ONWEGO Ultralight Camping Chair on White Background

Our Rating

Gold 4.6 Stars Rating


ONWEGO makes some great backpacking products that can also be used in other applications, and this chair is no different. If the thought of having your own relaxing chair on the trail sounds like a good idea to you, you’ll be hardpressed to find sone that is lighter and easier to bring along than this one.

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