Outdoor Vitals 3 Season Sleeping Bag

Man Opening Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag

After a long day of backpacking or time spent in the wilderness, few things are more important than a comfortable sleeping bag. The quality of your sleeping bag plays a huge role in your overall sleep quality itself, which in turn has an effect on your energy level and awareness the following day, and throughout your outdoor journey.

End up with an uncomfortable or inadequate sleeping bag, and you're in for a long night. Even worse, if the weather is cold, you may be in even more trouble.

Outdoor Vitals OV Light Portable Sleeping Bag

Outdoor Vitals saw a need for an affordable backpacking sleeping bag that is versatile enough for 3-season use. The OV-Light is a success in providing just that.

Features & Benefits

Lightweight and plush, the OV-Light is full of all the qualities one looks for when searching for a dependable sleeping bag for normal conditions.


The OV Light is the very essence of a 3-season sleeping bag. Rated for use down to 35 degrees, this sleeping bag has enough insulation to give you excellent heat retention when needed, but can also be zipped open in various locations to dump heat, thanks to a two-way zipper system.

Drawstring Close

Many drawstring closings on backpacking sleeping bags seem to be thrown in for good measure, but the OV-Light’s is actually comfortable and sized correctly. This gives you added warmth and comfort for the nights then the temperature is a little too close to that 35 degree threshold.

Outdoor Vitala OV Light Sleeping Bag Zipper

Zipper Compatibility

The OV-Light is available in left and right hand versions, and also includes zipper compatibility. This means that you can buy one of each and zip them together, giving you added warmth, or the ability to share with a partner.

Unique Advantages

Zipper Baffle

The easy-use zipper on the OV-Light includes a baffle on the inside, helping to prevent any heat from escaping through the zipper area. This is incredibly helpful in colder conditions.


If you are opposed to animal product insulation in sleeping bags, the OV-Light will definitely be to your liking, as it uses a synthetic silk fiber material instead.

Outdoor Vitals OV Light Synthetic Silk Fiber Sleeping Bag

Potential Disadvantages

Slight Warmth Issues

While the OV-Light is rated for 35 degrees, that may be pushing it just a little. The lighter insulation may result in a lighter and more compactible bag, but it comes at the expense of extra warmth. If you tend to get cold at night even in normal conditions, the OV-Light may not be the best choice if you're venturing out to near-freezing temperatures.

Shorter Length

Although the OV-Light is supposedly for use up to 6’6”, some have complained about it being too short if you are over 6’4”. Be mindful of this if you have longer limbs.


Outdoor Vitals has managed to put out a very versatile and strong sleeping that’s perfectly suitable for backpacking, and for an affordable price. The bag’s build and zipper features make it useful for numerous weather conditions that stay in between the extremes.

Outdoor Vitals OV Light Sleeping Bag on White Background

Our Rating

Gold 4.4 Stars Rating

The lighter weight does come at the expense of some extra insulation, but this shouldn’t be a problem for most users, as many will appreciate the smaller size and lighter loac in their backpacks.

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