Winterial Backpacking Cookware Set

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Bringing cookware along on a backpacking trip can give you a good added measure of convenience and functionality, but it can also mean increasing your load while sacrificing the space in your backpack. While it may be nice to have a few options for cooking your food, it’s not always worth it.

The solution to this is using cookware that’s specifically designed for backpacking. This cookware is lighter, smaller, and often breaks down to a much smaller size than when in use.

Winterial Backpacking Aluminium Cookware Set

Now, some manufacturers have a hard time balancing small and light with functional and durable. Your cookware may weigh hardly anything at all, but after just a few uses, your pots and pans are covered in dents, which can make it difficult to cook food evenly or balance on a small stove.

Winterial has managed to create a cookware set that hits in all of the critical areas, giving you a reliable set of cookware that you can depend on for years -- without sacrificing pack weight and space.

Features & Benefits

The Winterial Backpacking Cookware Set has all the features you could want for such a diverse and versatile set.

The set contains the following:

  • 2 Qt. Large Pot and Lid - 3" (H) x 6.5" (Diameter)
  • 1 Personal Bowl
  • 1 Qt. Tea Kettle
  • Serving Ladle
  • Carry Bag
  • Serving Spoon / Spatula
  • Sponge
  • 1 Qt. Frying Pan - 1.25" (H) x 6.4" (Diameter)
  • Aluminum Oxide
Winterial Backpacking Tea Kettle

Aluminum is good, but aluminum oxide is better. This cookware set has added strength and durability, while still maintaining the benefits of aluminum, such as lighter weight, and high heat conduction.


This entire set when packaged together weighs just 1.5 lbs. Yes, all 11 pieces combined. That’s a serious amount of cookware for barely over a full pound. You can likely make some room for the set in your pack, or go ultralight and just bring a few items instead of the set.


This is just as convenient as it is in a home kitchen. The cookware’s non-stick surface is not only easier to cook on, it’s easier to clean up afterwards, which can save you both water and stress.

Unique Advantages

Includes Extras

The set includes more than just some pots and pans. The bowl and spoon are a nice touch, but the sponge and carry sack hep to push it over the top. The tea kettle is especially efficient, and definitely appreciated. Literally everything you need in one.

Winterial Backpacking Cookware on White Background


Yes, 11 pieces seems like a lot, but the entire set fits together to make one shape. No handles sticking out, none of that. Just one piece that can easily be packed away in your backpack.When combined, this set measures just 3.5” x 6.75.” Surely you can make some room.

Potential Disadvantages

Hot Lids

The lids conduct heat a little too well, so if you’re using the lids while boiling water or making soup, you might want to use a glove or rag when going to take the lid off.

Uneven Heat Conducting at Times

This isn’t a unique problem, as many backpacking cookware sets tend to have issues conducting heat evenly, especially when over a solitary burner flame. This just means you need to give your food a little extra attention.


It’s hard not to be a fan of an all-in-one set, especially when it involved backpacking gear. No, this cookware set doesn’t rival something you’d use at home, but that’s usually the trade off with such gear.

Winterial Backpacking Cookware Set on White Background

Our Rating

Gold 4.7 Stars Rating

The light weight, small size, and wide range of components makes this cookware set highly recommended. Regardless of your cooking habits, you’ll get plenty of use out of each piece, leaving you prepared and able to handle most any cooking situation during your excursion.

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